A life spent behind the emotion of a dream called photography

Forty-five years and a life of films, dark rooms and photos. It is Andrea Giordano, photographer and son of art, who grew professionally in the shadow of the historic Publifoto in Milan, where his father worked. He is a photographer who comes from the film, where everything is more difficult, where everything is more professional, where everything is more magical. And he is the owner of Photo Studio Giordano.

His dream? That of impressing dreams, making them eternal, through the emotion of photography. White and black that fit together in sparkling colors. This is marriage: a moment of magic during which every moment is precious and can become eternal if you know how to grasp markings and nuances. His first marriage with a Zenza Bronica, given to him by his father, one of those roller machines that today are antiques. He was 16, he had the thrill of photographing and making those moments immortal. An emotion that is repeated unchanged, today as then, whenever a bride and a groom meet in the embrace of marriage.

Photography is emotion and light. A thousand colors of an iris. One above all: blue. The perfect conjunction between the warm colors of the sun and the tenuous ones of nature. Blue in his photography is the viaticum for the dream of photography. A professional path, that of Andrea Giordano, who has always faced constant training and collaboration with the most important photo agencies operating on the national territory. One above all, the Grafistudio of Maniago by the master Tullio Tramontina. A prestigious constant collaboration which, together with that with Gianni Salvini, has been going on for over a decade and contributes to making the productions of Foto Studio Giordano unique.

Andrea Giordano is a reality, a point of reference. His professionalism, his renowned works have marked the most important ceremonies of Calabrian glamor and worldliness. So much so that his reputation as a photographer of emotions has been consolidated and now, in a constant form, he chairs numerous training workshops for shooting professionals.

The professional inspiration of Andrea Giordano ranges from Jerry Ghionis, Keda.Z, Jared Lank to finish, not least, Mirco Toffolo and Salvatore Dimino with whom the photographer from Rossano divides professional experiences and a long and strong friendship.

Recently, Andrea Giordano started a new convergent marketing experience in the new showroom dedicated exclusively to the emotional experience of wedding photography, while maintaining, instead, the post production of the historic photographic laboratory run by the collaborator Valentina.


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